by Sue Cooper @ 06:03 PM, 17th Nov 2020


McCracken Golf Club has decided to cancel all club competitions in line with current Government restrictions issued on November 16 2020, until further notice.

An extract from Golf Australia is below.

The SAPOL COVID-19 Coordination group have confirmed with Golf Australia that no organised competitive sport should be taking place under the current directives and that any sport should only be recreational in nature. It is therefore a recommendation from Golf Australia that all club competitions should be cancelled for the period of the current directive and that play may continue in recreational manner only. Conforming social scorecards may continue to be submitted for handicapping purposes if a club chooses to provide the service.

It would be expected that leaving the flags in, not using ball washers and rakes (if present) would be a sensible thing to do if playing recreational game of golf.

An extract of FAQ’s from is also copied below for your information.

Can I play golf/tennis?

Organised community sport is not permitted but you may play golf, or play tennis at a park, as recreational activities.

What’s the maximum number of people we can have playing recreational golf on our golf course?

The 1 person per 4 square metres rule applies, and the maximum number of golfers per group is 10 and 1.5m physical distancing is strongly encouraged.

What’s the maximum number of people we can have in our golf club rooms?

The maximum people permitted in your club rooms is 100. Food and beverages must be consumed whilst seated.

We will keep you updated as further developments arise.


McCracken Golf Club Committee





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