IMPORTANT UPDATE Bunkers & Handicaps

by Sue Cooper @ 02:42 PM, 7th Aug 2020



Preferred Lies in Bunkers - removed

Please note the Temporary Local Rule allowing “Preferred Lies” in bunkers has been removed as at 7/8/2020. Rakes are now in all bunkers so please rake the bunkers as you exit.


Maximum Playing Handicaps

In January 2020, The R & A revised the rules of golf with aim to simplify the rules and encourage more people play the game of golf. One part of the changes was to allow an increase in the maximum handicap available to golfers.

As an encouragement to members and beginners the Match Committee has decided to run a 3 month trial with male members now having a maximum handicap of 45, commencing 15/8/2020. Ladies Handicaps will remain unchanged also at 45.

Any questions please contact Gary or Marg.

Published 07/08/2020

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